With the launch of an extensive luggage collection, luxury headphones and a range of premium accessories, Moshi sought to redefine itself as a trend-setting designer accessories brand. As an in-house designer, I worked to develop a visual identity that positioned Moshi as a fashion-forward, minimalist accessories label.

Moshi makes use of muted colors and airy layouts to concentrate attention on their products and lifestyle photography.

Back in the US, we commissioned a photographer and produced the company’s first look book. The look book was our first exercise in expressing the new visual identity. Following the look book launch, we worked along with our product designers and engineers in Taiwan to expand the visual identity to Moshi’s web and social presence as well as to all subsequent product packaging.

DESIGN Austin Long & Katelyn Pepper


To make the case for an identity refresh. I gathered customer and reseller feedback, wrote up a critique of the existing design system and drafted the company’s first brand guide. After getting buy-in from my boss in the US office, I flew to Moshi’s headquarters in Taiwan. There, I presented my proposal to the company’s executive team. I came home with a modest budget and a directive to provide Creative Direction for a campaign to launch the Fall ‘16 product line.

I created a series of product illustrations for the website, print collateral and packaging.
To build some internal excitement about the brand refresh, I designed a corporate stationery kit.
I designed a series of hang tags for the Fall 2016 bag line.