AV Bakery

Throughout 2018, Virginia had been baking these incredible chocolate chip shortbread cookies. With the holiday season fast-approaching and my anti-consumerist anxiety kicking in, I asked if she would be interested in foregoing the typical gift-shopping ritual and combining our efforts to put together something homemade for our family and friends. We worked together to bake, design packaging and assemble a batch of 24 cookie jars.

The first batch.

We wanted the packaging to be reusable and easy to produce at home but still polished enough to make for a nice gift. We found some small storage jars that were the right diameter and bought a few different types of adhesive-backed paper for the labels. I sketched out some concepts in Procreate and we quickly settled on a design. I printed, cut and assembled everything while Virginia worked late into the night to bake almost 200 cookies in our small apartment oven.

The cookies were a hit. Several friends told us they had eaten them all in a single sitting before realizing they were homemade—the packaging was too convincing. Glass jars are heavy and shipping costs limited our ability to distribute them as widely as we would have liked. So, next year we’re going to come up with something we can send to even more people.

BAKING Virginia Vaughn
DESIGN Austin Long


Our little avatars on the label.
Secondary graphics used for the seal, back label and hang tag.